Fleetwood Prepares for Sixth Year of Shakespeare in Philly

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The Shakespeare trip is approaching quickly. On 31 March 2016, ninety students and six chaperones will be going on the “Breakfast with Shakespeare” field trip. The tickets sold out in only three weeks.

“I like watching the student’s experiences to the city and reactions to the play. I wish more students were able to come along on this trip, but unfortunately there is not enough room in the theatre and for transportation,” English teacher Marc Walter said.

This year marks the sixth year that Walter has been taking his students to see the play. This year’s play is Macbeth. Students study Shakespeare during freshman, sophomore, and senior year, so this is a valuable experience for everyone going to see the plays acted out.

The cost for the trip this year is forty dollars. This price includes transportation, the show ticket, and the pizza party on the bus ride back. Walter provides pizza, chips, and a drink on the way back home.

The agenda for the day is very busy. At 7:00 a.m., buses leave the school. If the participant is late, the buses will leave without them. After the two hour trip into Philadelphia, groups separate to find breakfast places. The groups have one hour to find a place to eat.

After everyone is finished eating, the groups walk to the theatre, and the begins. At 1:00 p.m., the show is over, and the actors come out on stage to answer any questions from the students.

“Although there’s not much leg room in the theater, the rest of the experience makes up for it. The acting is good, and it helped me understand the play we were learning about. I’m happy that I went both freshman and sophomore years,” senior Maddy Garcia said.

After all the questions are answered about the play and the actors themselves, the herd of students collect back at the buses and begin the two-hour trip home.

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