ISS Monitor Participates in Civil War Reenactments

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11053209_10206551278201629_1374781326264150250_oFleetwood Area High school in-school suspension monitor and historical reenactor, Mr. Mark Pflum participated in a recreation of the trial of the Lincoln conspirators. The trial took place on 20 June in Grant Hall, Fort McNair. That’s 150 years after the trial took place, in the same room.

The reenactment was based on the 5,017 page transcript of the trial and lasted about two hours long with one twenty minute intermission. It also featured a cast of forty-one members and twenty-one testifying witnesses, all of whom wore period correct attire. All props were supplied from the movie, “The Conspirator,” which follows a similar plot.

The production focused upon the testimony relating to the night of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and emphasized the testimony that directly led to the conviction of the defendants.

“That night wasn’t just what Booth did,” Pflum said about the historical event.

Pflum preformed as the commander of the 8th Illinois Cavalry, Lt. Col. David R. Clendenin, who was also born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Pflum has been reenacting historic events since 1988 and considers himself to be a ‘Civil War Artillery’ specialist. He even owns a cannon, which he enjoys firing.

Even though Pflum did not have a speaking role at this event, he stressed that he had a very enjoyable time.

“With the way that my seat was angled, I had the perfect chance to make silly faces at the defendants as they were speaking,” Pflum said.

The event was planned and set up by the Confederation of Union Generals and was directed by Don Zigler.

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