Oley Band Plays with Fleetwood in Last Home Football Game

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The Oley High School band will be playing alongside Fleetwood Area High School’s band during the last home football game. Fleetwood Area Middle School’s band will also be joining them. It is predicted that there will be around 150 to 180 youth playing in the stands.

Because Oley does not have a football team of their own, students who want to play football play for the Fleetwood team. Oley’s band does not have the opportunity to play at football games, hence why Fleetwood has invited them to play during a game in order to provide them with such an experience.

“The Oley band kids don’t have the excitement that comes with home football games,” percussionist Adam Cook said. “That’s one of the main reasons why I joined marching band.”

This has only happened twice before, but the Fleetwood Band Director Charles Ebersole said that it is starting to become a yearly event.

“It’s fun after the initial awkwardness fades and everyone relaxes and has a good time,” band director Charles Ebersole said.

Many students are looking forward to playing with Oley.

“It’s cool being able to provide them with that experience, even if it is only for one home game,” Cook said.

“I can’t wait because my best friend from Oley is coming, and I’m excited to be playing with him.” Anna Grayek said.

“I think it’ll be very chaotic with so many people in the stands,” trumpet player Jonathon Sanchez said. “At least we’re not playing the field show with Oley.”

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