Graduation Move Faces 18% Opposition

Posted on December 21, 2015 by


Fleetwood Area High School’s decision to move its graduation to Kutztown University’s gymnasium has been met with overwhelming support, but that support has not been unanimous. Eighteen percent of students said they would prefer to continue the tradition of holding graduation in Fleetwood’s gymnasium.

The thought behind the move to Kutztown was to provide students with more tickets. If the graduation remained at Fleetwood Area High School, students would have only received three tickets due to the large size of the class of 2016. With the move to Kutztown, graduates will now be presented with approximately eight tickets each.
Some students remain skeptical of the move. They see the potential for a hot, overcrowded gym during graduation.

“I think the biggest problem we have is the air conditioning issue. In June, it can get pretty hot and humid, and with a couple thousand people packed into a gym like sardines, it could get very uncomfortable,” senior Brett Santos said.

Many other students share this same concern. There is a worry that Kutztown’s gym will be too hot because there is no air conditioning available.

The move to Kutztown seems to be a positive one in the eyes of the majority of the upcoming graduates. Even with the move being well-regarded by the masses, there are bound to be some who do not approve. Regardless, the school will continue with the move, and graduation will be held in Kutztown University’s gym, tentatively scheduled for 7 June 2016. This date could change if bad weather pushes back the last day of school.

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