German Classes Celebrate Traditional Christmas

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German teacher Frau Christine Moll celebrated Christmas with her German classes and German Club. On 11 December, Moll’s classes made salzteig, which is a flour and salt combination that is molded into decorative shapes around Christmastime.

Saltzeig is a traditional German method of decorating for the holidays at a low cost. Decorations, such as Christmas tree ornaments, are made with it. It was made as an alternative to more expensive methods of decorating. Moll has been guiding her classes in making this as a way to educate her students on how Germans decorate for the holidays.

“At first, I thought they were really un-tasty cookies, but now I feel the Christmas spirit,” senior Ian O’Keefe said.

Other German students echoed similar sentiments.

“It’s a cool thing to do every year. It’s a tradition,” senior Nicole Spanier said.

Moll also conducted her students in making gingerbread houses, which is another German holiday tradition. Her classes and German club made them on 16 December.

Gingerbread houses originated in sixteenth century Germany. They gained their popularity after the Grimm brothers wrote their famous story, “Hansel and Gretel.”

“It is a good way to reinforce German heritage,” senior Zach Wanner said.

“I enjoy being creative and building the houses,” senior Tiana Tracy said.

“It gives you a creative outlet to express your creativity,” Moll said.

Students who made the gingerbread houses brought them to the library to be displayed.

Moll said that she sees this year’s Christmas celebration as a success, just like in previous years. Her students were sent off on their break with a sense of holiday spirit that is uniquely tied in with German tradition.

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