FAHS Gains a New Secretary

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The Fleetwood Area High School has a new addition to the faculty. Stacy Maurek is the new secretary in the office. Before Maurek came to Fleetwood, she was a paraprofessional at the middle school. She was working with students in grades five through eight in Mrs. Newpher’s Learning Support room.

Before she entered the workforce, she went to Massasiot Community College in Massachusetts. She grew up in southeastern Massachusetts. Ms. Maurek is also a loving mother to three boys, and she has a dog whom she considers to be her family.

“I started volunteering at Willow Creek when the boys started there, then started subbing in the office and learning service rooms. After a few years in the middle school, a job opened up, and I took it. My boys joke that I moved from elementary school to the middle school and now “graduated” to the high school,” Maurek said.

Maurek chose this job because she loves to help people and is extremely organized. Her hobbies include taking pictures and refurbishing furniture. She also loves camping and hiking with her boys in their downtime. She wants to go on vacation to Australia or Hawaii at some time in the future, but she cannot choose which. Stacy loves her job, and her motivation to get through the day is her boys.

Even though this is a new job for her, and she has been only working for a few weeks, she enjoys it very much. She loves all of the faculty and the students. She is very fond of the environment that the high school offers.

Maurek’s favorite place to vacation is New England. Every summer, Stacy and her family travel to New Hampshire to visit her sister and her family. She also gets to see her aunts and cousins in Massachusetts.

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