Dental Hygienists Require Dexterity

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There are many bright minds that attend Fleetwood Area High School. Many people have a different idea on what they want to be in the future.

According to, a dental hygienist is a person who is trained and licensed to clean teeth, take dental r-rays, and provide related dental services and care, usually under the supervision of a dentist.

Being a dentist requires doing many jobs. An example of one is removing all the tartar, stains, and plaque that are present on the teeth. Another job is applying sealants and fluorides to help protect your teeth. You need to take and develop dental x-rays. You need to keep track of patient’s care and treatment plans. Another job is teaching the patient’s oral hygiene, such as how to brush and floss correctly.

For the most part, dental hygienists work in the office. While working,  they need to be wearing safety glasses, surgical masks to help to prevent anything going into their mouth. The most important is gloves so they keep disease from spreading.

Some advantages for being dental hygienists is they work part time in 2012 according to For some schooling, you will need you an associates degree in dental hygiene. Some classes you would be taking in college are biology, chemistry, and mathematics.

There are many qualities you will need to be a dental hygienists. You will need to be compassionate, detail oriented, dexterous, interpersonal skills, and have physical stamina. These qualities you will be using throughout every day of working.

              There are also more advantages with pay. Dental hygienists can earn up to $70,210 a year in 2012, said You can also receive time off for vacation, sick leave, or anything to deal with your retirement fund. Now if you are a full-time worker you will have more benefits and pay for working more hours. The most a dental hygienist can get paid is up to $96,280 a year, according to


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