German Club Hosts Numerous Upcoming Events

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On Wednesday, 20 April 2016, the German Club served Eis and Heiss. Eis and Heiss just means hot ice cream. This comes with your choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream with hot fruit sauce on top.

The two topping choices are raspberry and peaches. To save time and effort, the sauce will be microwaved with store bought ice cream. This gives students enough time to come to the meeting, eat their snack with friends, and, if necessary, catch the middle school bus home. It is an easy snack to make with quick clean up!

“I am very excited because of the authentic German experience,”  junior Max Ruemmler said.

“[It’s] just something fun to do after school!” German teacher and German club advisor, Frau Moll said.

The meetings are always open to everyone. Most meeting members are a part of the club or take German with Frau Moll; however, the German Club welcomes everyone. This meeting starts right after school and ends around three o’clock.

“This sounds like an authentic and neat idea to have after school for the German students,” senior Kaylee Kleffel said.

This is a new appearance for the German Club; it has never been attempted in previous years. It comes from a traditional snack in Germany.

“This will be a new experience for everyone, including myself,” Frau Moll said.

This event was held after the play was over so the students who wanted to participate in the school play were available to come and join the fun.

“It will be fun to try something new and see faces I have never seen before,” Frau Moll said.

On another note, the German Club will be taking a trip to the Fleetwood Area Middle School. Students who wish to attend should see Frau Moll for more information.

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