Race For White House Comes To Pennsylvania

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The race for the White House began in mid-March of last year when Ted Cruz announced that he was running for president. Since then, twenty-three total candidates have tried running. Now, with only a few months until one candidate from each party earns the nomination, primary elections are in full swing.

There are currently five candidates seeking the nomination for their party. On the Democratic side, there are two candidates: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. There are three Republicans: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich. Only one person from each party will earn the nomination. To earn it, he or she must win a certain number of delegates. This is where the primary election counts. If a candidate wins a state’s primary, he or she is one step closer to the nomination. Winning the nomination means appearing on the ballot in November’s general election.

The five candidates all have very different views, which can make it easier to choose which one is right for you.

Donald Trump is a conservative businessman. He has never been appointed or elected into any political office. You may remember him from NBC’s “The Apprentice.” The show was dropped shortly after Trump began his campaign. A recent comment, in which Trump said women should be “punished” for having an abortion, sparked controversy across the board, concerning even his supporters. Trump is the man who has claimed that the only way to monitor immigration is by building a wall.

Much like Trump, Ted Cruz also believes that a wall should be built on the Mexican and American border. Cruz is a senator from Texas. He first announced that he was running for president in March 2015. Currently, Cruz is second in the polls. He is pro-gun, pro-life and anti-immigration. The difference between Trump and Cruz seems to be that Cruz has more experience in the political world.

John Kasich is the current governor of Ohio, and he is polling last for the Republicans. Unlike the other two conservatives, he is very moderate. He believes that the reason nothing gets done in Congress is that Republicans and Democrats work against each other instead of respecting one another. He is also pro-life and pro-gun. As far as immigration goes, he believes that if someone is hard working, they should be allowed to stay in the United States. Because he is trailing so far behind, both Trump and Cruz have been calling for him to drop out of the race. Kasich, believing that the Pennsylvania and New York primaries will push him ahead in the race, will not do so. He will appear on the primary ballot.

The Democratic candidates are relatively similar. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton generally have the same opinions on social and economic issue, but Bernie has been fighting for the things he believes in his whole life, whereas Hillary’s views have changed over time. Recently, the Chicago Tribune released a video of Bernie Sanders being arrested at a 1963 civil rights protest in Chicago.

Sanders’ main concern seems to be making public college tuition free and raising minimum wage to $15.00. He also believes that raising taxes on the rich to give money to the poor will close America’s increasing gap between the upper and lower classes. He, like many other democrats, is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. The Vermont senator has been called a socialist by many other politicians because he believes in equality on a social and economic level.

Hillary Clinton’s name has been heard around the world. Her husband, Bill Clinton, was president from 1992-2000. Clinton, like Sanders, has been involved in politics for much of her life. She has been the senator of New York, First Lady, and Secretary of State. She ran for president against Barack Obama in 2008 but lost in a close race between the two of them. This is her second time seeking the democratic nomination.  

While students align either as a Republican, Democrat, or somewhere in between, many of them seem unexcited for this election.

“I don’t think there are any good candidates this time,” freshman Faith Readinger said.

The Pennsylvania primary was 26 April. Citizens must be at least 18 to vote.

“Pennsylvania has a closed primary, which means you have to be registered as a Democrat to vote for a democrat, or as a Republican to vote for a Republican,” government teacher Mr. Todd Weiss said.

You can still register to vote in the general election until the beginning of October.

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