Random Cheese: What Were You Most Looking forward to at Prom?

Posted on May 26, 2016 by


“To be with my friends,” senior Katie Lochman said.

“Nothing,” senior Lacey Griess said.

“Taking pictures with my friends,” senior Taylor Angstadt said.

“To get the American experience of prom,” senior Skorpan Eriksson said.

“Spending time with my friends and taking photos,” senior Maddy Wood said.

“I am excited to see the princes and princesses,” senior Julia Pickar said.

“I am excited for the food,” Lexi Nowotarski said.

“Spending time with my date,” senior Tom Ross said.

“Enjoying the experience of our last prom together,” senior Marcos Zavala said.

“Making memories for our last prom,” senior Carly Decembrino said.

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