NBHS Members Inducted and Selected

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Alexis Roach, Amanda Meck, and Keith Brokhoff were all recently inducted into the National Business Honors Society. National Business Society is an organization that serves to recognize members of the Future Business Leaders of America who show excellence in academics and intend on pursuing a career in the business field.

In order to be inducted, students must be a junior or senior with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and have taken two business classes. In those business classes, an average of 3.5 must be maintained

An application must also be submitted that includes a school transcript, a resume highlighting  leadership within FBLA, and a one-page essay clearly explaining future career goals in business.

The students who are inducted and become members receive state and national recognition through FBLA.

“I’m really passionate about the business field, and I’m glad I’m recognized for that,” senior Keith Brokhoff said.

Students who are a part of NBHS gain an advantage in their future plans for employment. Employers see NBHS members as highly motivated and hardworking individuals.

“I think it’ll help me for my major in college, and it will show my teachers and peers that I can do well in the field,” Keith Brokhoff said.

There is no official induction ceremony, but inductees do receive a certificate and a pin at the spring PA FBLA State Leadership Conference. In addition, members of NBHS receive a blue and gold cord to wear at graduation.

“I think it’s going to be a cool memento of graduation,” Keith Brokhoff said.


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