Move-Up Day Gives Incoming Freshmen a Taste of High School

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Every year at the Fleetwood Area High School, administrators and faculty have a moving-up day for incoming freshmen. This year’s experience was a little different for the 2017 freshman. Moving up day was on June 1, from 1:15-2:30.

English teacher Marc Walter was the coordinator of the moving-up day. Each teacher has his or her own job, but he is the coordinator. Another teacher who helps out is English teacher Sarah Wilkinson.  She is running the extracurricular portion in café. There will be a lot of different clubs, such as paranormal club, artifact, The Tiger Times, etc.

Half of the eighth grade students are put in the café, and the other half are placed in the auditorium. When they first arrive, there will be a ten minute speech about their requirements coming up to the high school.

In the café, each student will be given a bingo card. They have to visit at least five clubs and get them signed. Coordinators want the eighth graders to check out the clubs and see what is in store. The move-up day helps the middle-schoolers get acquainted to what the high school has to offer.

While in the auditorium, history teacher Sue Nagle and business teacher Kelly Ackerman will be giving a speech about the class officers and duties. They will also be talking about fundraising and school events and what it means to be the class of 2020. This will help them understand about the opportunities high school has to offer.

Media teacher Sean Gaston will be presenting a video of a “reflection on high school by upperclassmen.” This shows the upcoming freshman what high school is like and how things are done, as well as giving them a sense of anticipation about what they can look forward to.

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