German Club Speaks To Middle Schoolers

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           German Club recently held a multi-media presentation at the middle school. Frau Moll talks to the soon-to-be freshman every year to show them that German is still a choice to take in high school. A total of eight volunteers from her German Club attended the trip with her.

           “We introduced ourselves in German first and then allowed the students to pick out the words that they already knew and were able to recognize,” German Club advisor Frau Christine Moll said.

           After the introduction, there was a slide show for the students. They were able to learn and practice vocab in a fun way.

           “The students are shown pictures from the activities and events German Club participates in,” senior Nicole Spanier said.

           Since the class of 2016 is the last class to have German five, the middle school students are given the choice of electives in the upcoming years. The last four years of middle school, there was only an option for Spanish, but no German.

           “This will give me busy days but hopefully this change will allow German Club, as well as German classes, to grow and continue,” Moll said .

           Since there is not a German teacher in the middle school, Moll would have to go to and from the high school over to the middle school daily. This gives eighth graders the choice to take Spanish or German.

           “I am truly excited to see German grow throughout the high school and now the middle school as well,” Moll said.

           Spanier is now in German five because she was given the choice in middle school to start German early. Coming to the high school gives more freedom and choices.

           “I believe the option to take either language is good for the middle school students so they start to get a taste for the high school choices,” senior Olivia Leenhouts said.

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