Interact Club Adopts a Highway

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Recently, the Interact Club at Fleetwood Area High School adopted a highway. On 30 April, members of the club picked up 25 bags of trash on Fleetwood Road.

Adopt a Highway is a national campaign to help clean up litter off the sides of roadways across America. Different organizations are allowed to have their name posted on the side of the road that they sponsor.

Adopt a Highway started in Texas after litter spilled out of a pickup truck and the litter removal service was very expensive. Soon, the program expanded to the entire united States and places like Canada, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and Australia.

“I wasn’t at the event, but it was really nice to know that our club was making a difference. I hope to be there next time,” junior Erin Bogacki said.

According to their website, Interact Club is an international organization that helps their community by carrying out two large service projects every year. Club members gain leadership skills, make international connections, and, of course, help their community.

Cleaning up trash was this semester’s large community project.

The Fleetwood chapter of Interact Club is very small, containing about ten students. If past trends are any indication, it will continue to grow in future years.

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