Reporter Bio: Keira Marie Zeiber

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zeiberKeira Marie Zeiber, born on 21 July 2001, is a writer for the Tiger Times because of her love of writing fiction in particular and writing in general. As a sophomore, she has her future plans set on going to a culinary school after High School. Her favorite school subject is science. She loves watching films in her free time and also is in Film Club after school. She also likes listening to music, most especially Arctic Monkeys. She has two younger brothers and one older brother. She has a love of animals that shows in her home as well with four cats and a bunny.  Her favorite animal is a cat. Her favorite color is orange. Right now, she works at an arcade in the mall. As many others, she enjoys watching YouTube in her spare time and loves the YouTuber Shane Dawson. If she could have one superpower, she would choose to fly because she likes traveling to places quickly and seeing everywhere from above. Something she was most scared of as a kid was the movie series Chucky. Her own idea of happiness is getting all of her goals met in life.

By Ana Tomko

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