Reporter Bio: Rayanna Celmer

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celmerRayanna Patricia Celmer looks up to her parents the most. Her biggest dream is to save all the pandas in the world. If you couldn’t tell from that statement, the panda is her favorite animal. Celmer was born on 6 August 1999 in Reading, PA. She has one brother, Riley, who is in eighth grade.

Celmer prefers to shop at American Eagle over any other store. Her movie preference is for a comedy film. Her favorite song is Let Me Love You by Justin Bieber. Celmer says that Donald Trump is the best candidate in the presidential race. She is a firm believer in the phrase “Hillary for Prison.” If she had a choice to live one day in the shoes of a Fleetwood teacher, she would choose Mrs. Wilkinson. A music genre that describes her personality is pop.

By Nathan Mercuri

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