FAHS to Host Mock Election 2016

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As America nears the Presidential election of 2016, students and teachers are beginning to express their feelings towards the candidates, as well as the debate themselves. Throughout the school, students will be “voting” for who they feel should be President. This is called a mock election.

The mock election of 2016 will take place in the school’s library on 28 October.

“I believe it’s an okay idea.  I really have no strong feelings about it. It’s a nice thing to try though,” biology teacher Mr. Mark Coassolo said.

“I think it would be a bad idea; people will just be arguing,” sophomore Chloe Allison said.

“In the classroom of today are the presidents, governors, senators,, congress members, judges, and, most important, citizens of tomorrow. There has never been a more important election in America’s history. Our students’ voice is our nation’s future,”  National Student Parent Mock Election (NSPME)’s Gloria Kirshner said.

The election (mock or otherwise) is one of the most controversial topics and most serious debates of the year. Many students really get involved, and their opinions are voiced in many ways. Politics are very serious, and people within the school are talking about it, from the left and the right.

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