Girls Soccer Currently Undefeated

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The girls soccer team is currently undefeated. They are coming to the end of the season and are hoping to make it further than they did last year, even though they made it into states.

This year’s team was expected to be good, but few thought they would be undefeated this many games into the regular season.

“I expected us to have a good season because we only lost one starter, but I didn’t know we would still be undefeated,” sophomore Abby Ryan said.

With Jenna Hawkins going off to college, Riley Scepansky had big shoes to fill, and she did just that. She has only let up 6 goals so far in 13 games.

This team has been putting in all this work, and it is really paying off this year. They have all been playing very well together, and the team chemistry is amazing. Everyone is on the same page when on the field.

Coming to the end of the season, the team is starting to think about County’s and beyond. They understand that the competition is going to get a lot tougher, knowing from experience last year.

“Even though the competition hasn’t been there as much, we understand that, as a whole, the team needs to get better at the little details in order to make big changes,” senior Sydney Lobb said.

Because of the girls’ amazing playmaking and finishing ability, they have scored forty-three goals this season, and with great defense and goalkeeping, they have only let up six goals. With the team playing this well, they have a very promising future this current soccer season.

The head coach, Mike Boyer, is not letting the girls get cocky. He keeps the girls focused about the next game and not any other games that aren’t important at that time.

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