Fleetwood Starts a New Quarterback

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The football team went through a lot of changes this summer. They had a definite starting quarterback throughout most of the summer, Luke Emge. Then, Emge moved away.

The quarterback spot was open for anyone to take. The coaches seemed to have a good backup plan.

Trevor Koenig, brother of former FAHS quarterback Zach Koenig, took over the position right away.

“I started out as a linebacker and running back.  The coaches called me and told me I was going to be the starting quarterback. It was also difficult to learn all new things from a new position. Now I don’t play defense anymore because of it. I wasn’t too pleased when I first got the callm, due to the fact that I am not playing defense anymore. I enjoy playing defense much more than quarterback, but I want to do whatever it takes to help this team win,” Koenig said.

Some of the wide receivers had to also get used to having a new quarterback.

“It was hard at first but I am starting to get used to it,” receiver Mike Wilkinson said.

“The news of Emge moving was hard at first, but I feel like we were able to adjust quickly and move ahead,” lineman Ty Galtere said.

The team is at a rough 1-4 at the moment.

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