Senioritis: Is It Real?

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What is Senioritis? Senioritis is described by Google as “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.”

Many high school students experience this decline in their final year. This happens more often after being accepted to college. They lack the motivation to keep their grades up, they lack the motivation to do their homework, and, most of all, they lack the motivation to show up to school. The students tend to think that, since they were accepted into a certain college, they can slack off and not worry about school any longer. They do not realize that a college has the right to revoke the student’s acceptance.

“I think a big part of it is that the seniors are experiencing a change, and that is what causes them to be absent so often and miss a lot of school work,” English teacher Ms. Debra Mahnken said.

Students are expected to juggle the mundane school work of senior year and the process of finding and applying to colleges all at once. It becomes overwhelming at a point, and that is when the students start to slack off on their work. Many students have been accepted to colleges, but they must not stop showing up to school and doing well with grades because, at any time, the school can take away their acceptance from those students.    

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