Beloved Teacher, Ann Henderson, Retires

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Over Ms. Henderson’s many years teaching at Fleetwood, she developed a strong bond with her students and fellow staff members, becoming one of the most respected teachers in the school.

Henderson graduated from Exeter Township Senior High School in 1972 and obtained degrees from a variety of institutions, including her principal’s certification from Temple University.

The 2016 edition of the “Tiger Tale” was dedicated to Henderson and described her as having a “relaxed approach as an educator,” maintaining the “highest set of expectations for her pupils,” and having “unwavering dedication” and a “passion with which she regards education”.

Many students and teachers directly expressed their opinions on the former English teacher.

“I really miss Ms. Henderson. She was my mentor, and I always went to her for advice. School isn’t the same without her,” English teacher Mrs. Sarah Wilkinson said.

“She was my eleventh and twelfth grade teacher, and she was one of my primary inspirations for becoming a teacher myself.  I thank her for forcing me to read Crime and Punishment for a self-selected book report,” English teacher Mr. Zachary Houp said.

“She was a great teacher, and you could tell she loved her job. She taught me a lot in one year, not just academically but in everything,” Fleetwood graduate Rebecca Reinert said.

“She was one of the most understanding teachers I ever had. She wasn’t afraid to make us work either. She would never give an answer until one of us tried to answer it first,” senior Tyler Manmiller said.

During her career at Fleetwood, Ms. Ann Henderson left a positive impact on her students and coworkers.  She prepared her students for the future as well as the best teachers, and she will be missed by those who were around her.

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