Toomey Take Pennsylvania Senate Seat

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The 2016 United States Senate race in Pennsylvania was contested by Republican incumbent Pat Toomey and Democrat challenge–and former Chief of Staff to Gov. Tom Wolf–Katie McGinty. Toomey won with 2,830,353 votes for 48.9%. McGinty received 2,734,454 votes for just 47.2%, despite winning many pre-election polls. Libertarian candidate Edward Clifford received 226,272 votes for 3.9%.

Toomey received 53% of the vote in Berks County, a total of 91,935 votes, compared to 43% and 74,083 for McGinty. Toomey won the popular vote in 60 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

“I’m not really surprised Toomey won,”  AP Government teacher Mr. Edward Carr said.

The race was particularly important because of Pennsylvania’s status as a political battleground state. The outcome of the election would contribute heavily to party control in the Senate. Republicans retained control, 51-47, with two seats remaining undecided.

“I noticed that it was part of a Conservative shift across the board, at least at the federal level. And I’m most interested to see how a Republican House, Senate, and President will get along dealing with policy issues,” Carr said.

The other of Pennsylvania’s Senate seats belongs to Democrat Bob Casey, who began serving his first term in 2013.

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