Fleetwood Hosts First Overnight Mini-THON

Posted on February 22, 2017 by


On 10 February, Student council hosted its first overnight miniTHON. This comes after nearly eight months of the /planning the event.

Senior Emma Davies coordinated meetings once a week from the beginning of the school year in order to plan a successful fundraiser.

“Everyone worked very hard to make sure we could reach our goal by the end of the year,” Davies said.

Some activities students could enjoy over the course of twelve hours were a D.J., Video Games, Four Square, Scooter Soccer, Crazy Kickball, and Bounce Castles. Students were also provided with two meals and snacks throughout the night.

The goal set by student council to raise for the Four Diamonds was $8000. This is $3000 more than their goal for the first miniTHON in 2015.

“I believe, if we really put our minds to it and get the student body involved, we will meet our goal easily,” senior Erin Bogacki said.

Along with the actual miniTHON event, Student Council has multiple different fundraisers planned to involve the community and meet the $8000 dollars needed by 1 June. Some of the fundraisers include a miniTHON volleyball tournament, Zoup Night, Panera Night, Chipotle Night, and the Mr. Fleetwood Pageant.

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