Heroin Investigation Puts Suspects behind Bars

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In August of 2016, the BCDTF (Berks County Drug Task Force) initiated a drug investigation into a heroin trafficking organization within Berks County. After numerous complaints were placed, undercover and controlled heroin was purchased, and information from confidential sources was received, police knew they had to do something.

During this investigation, detectives found that the organization was distributing large amounts of heroin to many mid-level drug dealers. The BCDTF believes that the organization was being led by two suspects who had multiple addresses in the city of Reading, P.A. These individuals were identified as Luis Francisco Acosta-Reyes and Roberto Rodriguez-Jimenez.

Two of the residencies the police had uncovered were 445 Mulberry Street and 905 Greenwich Street, Reading, P.A. They were found at 445 Mulberry Street, and police searched both apartments when to discover $1 million worth of heroin, $38000 of Fentanyl, and a semi-automatic handgun.

Acosta-Reyes and Rodriguez-Jimenez were transported to the Berks County Sheriff’s Department Central Processing Center for processing and arrangement. The two men were arraigned by District Judge Ann Young, and bail was set for $1 million on each suspect.

“I don’t understand why people sell or do drugs in the first place, there’s really no point in any of it,” sophomore Addison Procak said.

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