Spring Student Teachers Arrive at FAHS

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Fleetwood Area School District is hosting several Kutztown University student teachers, and starting this academic year, the student teaching program started running for a full college semester.

“Yes, I do enjoy coming to teach at Fleetwood because it has a very inviting environment,” Mrs. Sarah Wilkinson’s student teacher Miss Milione said.  “The students and staff have made my experience thus far very memorable, and I am learning a lot. Although I would have enjoyed my time anywhere because of my love for teaching, I am glad I chose Fleetwood because the students here motivate me to be better every day.”

“I love it! I’m still friends with all three of the student teachers that came through Fleetwood that I had, and Miss M. will be my fourth,” Wilkinson said.   “I love getting fresh new ideas from them because they are always creative and motivated.”

There are many requirements one needs to be a student teacher.  A student who wants to be a student teacher must have a 3.0 grade point average, must finish all of their classes, and must take the PAPAS/PRAXIS standardized tests.

Also, students must have passed background checks and clearances. They must complete PSSA training, must have completed a mandated reporter program, and must attend a student teaching orientation.

Securing a job after student teaching can be very easy, or it can be very difficult, often depending on one’s discipline. Certain subjects are harder to move into than others. Social studies, in particular,  is a very difficult subject to find employment.

For many student teachers, the experience can be very nerve racking to stand in front a bunch of students, try to teach, have the kids pay attention, and not goof off in class.  Kids are still supposed to treat the student teacher as obediently and professionally as their real teacher because they deserve the same amount of respect as any other teacher does.

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