Pasta, Presto Served in Fleetwood

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On March 4 2017, hundreds of students from grades 3-12 in the Fleetwood Area School District took part in the annual Fleetwood Amera Music Association Pasta and Presto Fundraiser. Families and community members were welcomed to the school to enjoy performances from ensembles all across the district and eat a pasta dinner to benefit FAMA.

Students participating in the fundraiser had positive experiences and appreciated the support from the community. These students spent months preparing music selections for their various groups in order to put on a great show for their friends and families.

“Every music group did an excellent job. The band, chorus, and orchestra all put a gigantic amount of effort into perfecting the pieces. It turned out to be worth the hard work. The audience and the musicians both seemed to be enjoying themselves. Audience members came for entertainment and got it. The students had the goal of impressing those listening to them,” junior Amelia Spanier said.

Each audience member and performer had a personal favorite part of the evening, and the talent displayed by each group makes it difficult to choose according to both parties.

“I performed with the orchestra at Pasta and Presto. My favorite part is hard to decide, but I thought that the combined piece with the middle school and high school orchestra was awesome,” senior Tyler Manmiller said.

All participants who made the evening possible have been thanked numerous times by FAMA.

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