Fleetwood Prom Requires Mass Planning

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Fleetwood’s junior and senior prom was 19 May. The prom was held at Bear Creek ski resort.

“We picked this venue because it was close and available–also, because it will be neat to have two rooms. There is one room to eat in and one for dancing,” history teacher and student council advisor Sue. Nagle said.

Several of the seniors that like to snowboard work at Bear Creek during the winter.  

“I think it will be real cool to have the Junior-Senior prom at Bear Creek because it will be sort of a familiar place for many students that love to snowboard and or ski.  It also has a really nice venue room that will accommodate as many students as any other venue in Berks County,” senior Andrew Kipp said.  

“It’s gonna be very fun for all the students that will attend, It will be a great place to take pictures with the amazing background scenery. I think it will turn out as one of the best proms in recent years,” senior Luis Leon said.

“The prom should turn out pretty good.  It’s a good venue with plenty of space, and the food there is good too. I think most of the students will enjoy the experience and remember it for many years,” senior Hunter Jamison said.

Booking a venue can be quite a challenge. The reason that booking a venue can be a challenge is because of where Fleetwood is located. The district would have to find a venue that can accommodate about 250 students and be close enough to the school at a reasonable price. It also needs to be booked anywhere from one to three years in advance to secure a spot at a high-end venue. This is the reason that the Junior-Senior prom two years ago was held at Shady Maple Smorgasbord. This happened because the prom committee and the people in charge of it changed hands after the previous year.

Another thing that has to be planned is the D.J. The committee must find a suitable candidate who will please and satisfy both the junior and senior classes. The last thing is to plan seating at tables for the dinner in the beginning of the night. The prom committee has to make sure there are enough chairs at every table with the right students assigned to the right spot. The prom committee did a spectacular job last year, and they look to continue that into this year’s prom.

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