School’s Out on 6 June

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Just like most schools, Fleetwood Area School District is coming to the end of the school year, and many people are excited. The seniors are getting ready to graduate, and all other classes are getting ready to move into the next grade.

Summer may be most students’ favorite time since there is not school, and most people do not have to wake up as early anymore to sit in a class all day.

School is not the most exciting thing for some kids, and being away for three months might just be the most exciting alternative. The warm weather that the summer holds makes the season even better for kids.

“I love being able to hang out with friends a lot more and not having to worry about doing stuff for school. The warm weather is also a huge factor and makes the season so much fun, and I do not like school, so three months away from it is great,” sophomore Nick Fry said.

Summertime is not always about the warm weather and not having to go to school, even though most students think that is the best part.

Summer is also a time where some students go to see family or go to see friends they have not seen in awhile. People enjoy catching up with friends and family.

After kids have been putting in their hard work for the 180 days that they have been in school for that year, it is a big relief to be off for a little.

For seniors, it is a little bit different coming into this summer than it has been for them before.

“Yeah, it will obviously be a huge difference, and I will miss being around Fleetwood, but I am excited to move on to new things, and college seems exciting, so that is going to be a big change, but I am ready to move on,” senior Broderick Allen said.

“I am close with many of the seniors, so it will be upsetting seeing them graduate and not having them around next year, but I wish them all the best of luck,” teacher Mrs. Sarah Wilkinson said.

Students are not the only ones affected by the school year ending, but teachers will also either really enjoy summer or miss seeing their students, especially the seniors.

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