FAHS German Club Celebrates Oktoberfest

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When Prince Ludwig married Princess Theresa, it started a 200-year tradition. The celebration started 22 September 1810 and ended 7 October. The reason it is called Oktoberfest is that it originally started in October but has changed to September due to weather.

There are many traditions for Oktoberfest that people do. Some traditional food are sausage, roasted ox, chicken, and pork. They also eat crepes. Pretzels are very common as well. People wear lederhosen and dirndl dresses.

One thing that there is a lot of at this festival is beer. There are many tents that sell beer throughout the festival. The festival will not start until the mayor of Munich opens a barrel of beer. They go through about 6 million liters of the adult beverage. Participants also will not drink beer that is from elsewhere than Munich.

Even though there is a lot of alocohol, there are lots of things for children to do as well. There are typically ferris wheels and carousels and much more. Schools will even take students to Oktoberfest.

There are lots of things that people do not know about Oktoberfest. Originally, there was no beer for Oktoberfest because it was basically just a wedding celebration. It starts at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 11:30 pm (except on weekends, when it opens at 9). 

If you missed Oktoberfest this year, do not worry because next year’s Oktoberfest will start on September 15. It will end on October 7. The festival has been cancelled 24 times. The 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest was in 2010.

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