Cruz, Trump Conspiracy Theories Take Twitter by Storm

Posted on November 7, 2017 by


Have you ever wondered what Ted Cruz and Melania Trump have in common? They were both trending on Twitter for a hot minute on 18 October. The reason for this was a mixture of conspiracies and confusion.

Ted Cruz has been the subject of two long-running conspiracy theories. One is that he is actually a serial killer who roamed California in the 1960s and 1970s and was never caught–a.k.a., The Zodiac Killer. The second is that his father had a hand in JFK’s death.

Melania Trump, on the other hand, has been rumored to have been replaced by a body-double. Conspiracy theorists say that Mrs. Trump has been long gone. A video surfaced of “her” standing next to her husband, seeming to be very stoic and robot-like. The president oddly referred to his “wife Melania, who happens to be standing right here.”

This was a topic for debate on Twitter for the fact that this “Fake Melania” conspiracy arose the same day Ted Cruz tweeted a picture of an infamous Zodiac Killer letter. He tweeted this to Ben Sasse, a Nebraskan senator, after he jokingly tweeted he wore a “Lee Harvey Oswald was framed” T-shirt when he accidentally spilled Dr. Pepper on Cruz at a meeting.

In the wake of these bizarre (but amusing) conspiracy theories, neither party has confirmed nor denied anything. This puts to question if Mrs. Trump has really left her husband and has been replaced by a body double, and if Ted Cruz un-relecuctantly acknowledges the two conspiracy theories with which he’s famously identified. It can only be noted that Melania hasn’t denied a body double and that Cruz didn’t actually deny being the Zodiac Killer.

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