Fleetwood Class of 2018 Will Graduate in All Red

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For the 2018 graduating class of Fleetwood Area High School, the students will be dressed in all red when crossing the stage to receive their diplomas this year.

Fleetwood’s administrators have decided to change the gown color to all red, eliminating the white gowns for the girls. This decision has made some of the student body a little upset, considering the boys and girls will both be matching with the red gowns.

This is the first year in fleetwood that the gown color is changing, but teachers think this change isn’t really that bad.

“It’s a good idea to change the gowns into one color. In past years, it was hard for female students to find dresses to match the white gowns, and now, with the new red gowns, nothing will be see-through anymore,” Mrs. Sarah Wilkinson, one of Fleetwood’s English teachers, says.

“Sure, I think the change will be nice.  It’ll be easier for the girls to pick out a dress,” Ms. Stephanie Skelly, one of Fleetwood’s biology teachers, said.

“This new adjustment will make it a lot easier for female students to pick out a dress, making it more practical,” science teacher Mrs. Karen Favata said.

Fleetwood teachers overall think this new change is a good idea.  As for the students, even though they won’t be crossing the stage with their angelic white gowns, they are still graduating and about to have the time of their lives, and that’s the real win.

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