National History Club New to Fleetwood

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This year was the inaugural year for a new club at Fleetwood Area High School: the National History Club. The club is co-advised by hisotry teachers Mr. Todd Weiss and Ms. Becky Jarosynski.

“The club is designed to compete on a local, state, regional and national level, and I felt it would be a great opportunity for FAHS to showcase the bright, enthusiastic, and talented students we have in our school and social studies department,” Weiss said.

The club will participate in a competition May 2018. The competition in question will be about the 3/5ths Compromise and will require research and teamwork to come out on top.

“Because it is a competition, good research and writing skills are necessary, as well as a creative side, to develop an exhibit that is both eye catching and informative. Fundraising activities help generate income to purchase the necessary items for exhibit development and travel expenses,” Weiss said.

The club, though in its first year, is full of bright students who love history and are ready to work together and put their mind to the test with historical research and discussion, with a true passion for the subject.

“I initially joined solely because Mr. Weiss was the club’s advisor, but I’ve since come to realize that the club has other enjoyable aspects as well,” senior Jake McGarry said.

“It’s a fun time with a lot of great opportunities, and it allows students to get a good understanding of not only history but also teamwork,” Club President Zach Warren said.

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