Bergstresser and Nasados Kiss Pig For Four Diamonds

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Before Thanksgiving break, the high school held Mini-Thon spirit week, including a “Kiss The Pig” event.

Mini-Thon is a fundraiser held for the Four Diamonds fund. There were many activities going on throughout this spirit week.

The spirit week kicked off on 20 November with “blue out,” or “Penn State day”, where students were encouraged to wear blue or Penn State sportswear. Penn State is also a significant contributor to the Four Diamonds fund.

The second part of the spirit week was for vacation wear.

The last day, and by far the most popular amongst students and faculty, was pajama day.

“Any occasion that allows me to wear pajamas to school, I am down for,” junior Aydan Tregear said.

One of the events for the Mini-Thon spirit week was a jeopardy game played by both students and faculty in the auditorium. There were also games in the auxiliary gym, as well as a volleyball tournament, all to get students further involved and pumped for mini-thon.

To raise money for Mini-Thon, students and staff had buckets, and whoever had the most funds kissed the pig. The teacher and student who “won” were math teacher Mrs. Jennifer Bergstresser and senior Joshua Nasados.

“It was an honor to win, honestly, like it was for a great cause, and just to help out in a small way felt great,” Nasados said.

The main Mini-Thon events will be held on 23-24 March.

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