Adopt-A-Shelf Earns Students Community Service Hours

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Adopt-A-Shelf is a way to help the Fleetwood Area Public Library have organized shelves, and it is an excellent way to get community service hours.

So what is Adopt-A-Shelf? It is a system the Fleetwood Library has where community members can adopt a shelf of books. Once you do that, you are then responsible for organizing the shelf for an entire year.

The Adopt a Shelf program is essential to the daily operations of our library. Our volunteers come in and take care of their shelves, making sure everything is in order and where it should be. The more shelves we have in order, the better service we can provide to our patrons. There is nothing more frustrating than when you are trying to help a patron with a request and cannot find an item they are looking for, library director Carin Mileshosky said.

If you sign up for this, you can get community service hours.

Adopt a Shelf is a great way to earn community service hours over a period of time at your own pace and schedule. It is set up so that you can come in whenever is most convenient for you during each month. Depending on how many shelves you adopt will depend on how much time you will be here each month,” Mileshosky said.

But you don’t have to organize the shelf each and every week. You only have to clean it at least once a month; however, it is a good idea to go more often. Before you start, the librarians will teach you how to clean your shelf.

To adopt a bookshelf you will have to go to the library and get a form to fill out.

“The Adopt-A-Shelf sounds like a great idea. It will show kids responsibility, and it will take some work off the librarians,” sophomore Claudia Bice said.

“The program seems to be a good way to get community service hours,” Biology teacher Mr. Mark Coassolo said.

“I believe [it’s] a good idea. It lets you get some community service hours, and you help make our town a cleaner place,” freshman Lyle Greiss said.

“I think this program teaches responsibility because you have made a commitment to do it. I think more people will most likely do it since they can get community service hours,” sophomore Veronica Nasados said.

“I think this is a good idea because community service will go on your record and show jobs and colleges that you like to be a part of things and help. Also, it will teach responsibility because you have to keep that shelf clean and look after it and be a part of something,” sophomore Amaya Pearsall said.

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