German Exchange Student Visits Fleetwood for Four Weeks

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 On 20 March, 2018 the Loeffler family drove to Newark Liberty International Airport to pick up German Exchange student Max Fetz, who would be staying with them the next four weeks. Every so often, Fleetwood offers programs for students from other countries to come visit for a period of time to experience school in our country.

Fetz is a 15-year-old from the town of Filsen, Germany; Filsen is a scenic town that runs along the Rhein River. Fetz’s school system is very different from ours, with his day consisting of only 6 periods and ending at 1pm.  Fetz enjoys playing badminton, computer programming, and skiing.

Fetz’s time spent with the Loeffler family may have been short, but they managed to do quite a lot. They had visited Philadelphia; Fetz has an enjoyment of big cities. He was really looking forward to performing in New York on the band trip.

The whole experience was great for both Fetz and Leoffler.  Leoffler was excited to meet someone from Germany and would really like to visit there at some point,  Leoffler was also happy to make a new friend in Max.

“This experience has been very good socially and educationally. I think I will come back to America with my family. They would love to visit New York. And we will be sure to visit again with Andrew and his family!” Fetz said about his time here.

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