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Fleetwood’s annual Mr Fleetwood pageant occurred on 22 May 2018, in which 12 boys in the senior class competed to raise money for Four  Diamonds and become this year’s Mr. Fleetwood. This year had the most contestants for Mr. Fleetwood since it began.  The contestants were Justin Bartosh, Shawn Bessy, Vinny Davi, Gary Dorestan, Ben Haas, Tom Hegedus, Kyle Jurgensen, Sebastian Kukielka, Jake McGarry, Josh Nasados, Zach O’Neil, and Ethan Smith.

“After I realized I had a lot to gain and nothing to lose but my dignity, I agreed to do Mr. Fleetwood and bought myself some overalls,” contestant  Jake McGarry said.

The show started with general introductions to all the contestants and featured each of their opening remarks as well, which was followed up by the first official part of the show: the formal wear portion. In this part of the show, contestants came out in their best formal attire.  One contestant, Josh Nasados, drew many laughs when he came on stage in a dress and his escort, Alivia Hanes, in men’s formal wear.

In between main portions of the show, several Question and Answer segments were shown on screen. These sections were used to mainly provide laughs due to the contestants’ amusing answers. Contestants next gave the audience a look at their best athletic wear from multiple sports ranging from tennis to baseball.

Next up was the highly anticipated talent section.  Highlights included Ben Haas’ “ventriloquism,” featuring his younger brother; Jake McGarry’s real-life Mario Kart; Sebastian Kukielka’s performance of “Wocket in my Pocket;” and Zach O’Neill”s stand-up routine. The last portion of the show featured contestants displaying their finest spy moves and delivering a quote from James Bond.

The show was filled with many highlights, and every contestant performed brilliantly and gave it their all. At the end of the show, the title of Mr. Popularity was awarded to Jake McGarry, who raised over 400 dollars on his own! And the class of 2018’s Mr Fleetwood was awarded to Zach O’Neill.

“I felt good because I feel like this year isn’t even gonna compare to next year and so on; it  just keeps getting better!” Zach O’Neil said.

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