Reporter Bio: Madeline Feichtel

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Madeline Kyah Feichtel, Maddy for short, was born on 8 January 2001, in Pottsville, PA, to her loving parents, Jen and Scott. She has a thirteen-year-old sister named Ava and a ten-year-old brother named Wesley. As a child, Maddy loved to read, play outside, and watch The Disney Channel. She describes herself as intelligent, generous, and hard-working. Maddy plans to major in biochemistry at The University of the Sciences. She hopes to get married and have children after college. Feichtel would love to travel to Alaska to see the Northern Lights or to Italy to see the Colosseum and eat tons of Italian cuisine.  

In her spare time, Feichtel works as a barista at Dunkin Donuts with her best friend, Elyse Essick. She is a loyal member of Relay for Life at Fleetwood Area High School, and her absolute favorite teacher is Mrs. Favata.  The Walking Dead and Jurassic Park are among her favorite viewing pleasures, and Woody Harrelson is her all-time favorite actor. Maddy also enjoys 80s movies, such as Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club.

Maddy is an avid Trump supporter and plans to utilize her position in this class to report real news.

By Madison McElwee

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