Reporter Bio: Aaron Poper

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Born on 16 December 2001, Aaron Poper views his birth with a high responsibility, for he is the only one of his kin that is likely to reproduce. As the school year begins, Poper spends every first period with Mr. Houp.

In his own words, “I joined journalism for Mr. Houp.  I didn’t know this class wrote the newspaper.”

When Poper isn’t spending time with Mr. Houp, he enjoys listening to music groups like Neck Deep and Secondhand Serenade. Although some of Poper’s favorite bands frequently tour, Poper has never been, and does not desire to, attend a concert. During the school day, Aaron enjoys learning about math and accounting, for he looks to expand his knowledge on these subjects after high school.  In the future, working for the IRS is one of his goals. When not in school, Poper formerly worked part-time customer service at Boyer’s Food Markets.

By Morgan Althouse

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