Reporter Bio: Jessica Carlin

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Jessica Carlin is a smart, free-thinking, and involved junior at Fleetwood Area High School. She takes journalism because she both enjoys and excels in writing. In the future, Jessica plans to attend college and study abroad in Korea. She wants to join the peace corps while in college. Being of Korean descent, Carlin finds the opportunity of traveling to South Korea, where her family is from, as both significant and important. She considers herself more left-leaning when it comes to politics, and Carlin is a pescatarian, meaning she does not eat meat but she does eat fish.

Jessica is very involved at Fleetwood Area High School. She plays field hockey and lacrosse. Carlin is also involved in many clubs. FBLA, Student Council, Relay For Life, and Film Club are just some. She finds this involvement important for her future to make her a better student and person now. Jessica would travel to Australia if given a chance to go anywhere on a vacation. Her taste in music is varied greatly. She enjoys all types of genres and styles. Her favorite band is Panic! At The Disco. She enjoys listening to their music in her limited free time. In addition to listening to music, Jessica likes watching The Office and Noah Centineo movies on Netflix. Carlin likes to live her life by her favorite saying, “Carpe Diem.” This means “Seize the Day.” She believes it is important to take every opportunity she can and get involved every way she can. Jessica has certainly seized the day every time she has the chance to. She is involved, free thinking, an exceptional writer, and an even better journalist.

By Samuel Schappell

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