Fleetwood Soccer Wins 1000th

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The Fleetwood boys’ soccer team reached a historic milestone, 1000 wins. The team beat Hamburg 3-0  on Wednesday, 12 September. This win is a tremendous milestone for the team and the community.

Founded in 1927, the boys’ soccer team has enjoyed great, sustained success. Taking over in 1964, Coach Ray Buss brought tremendous success, amassing 476 wins. The team was then coached by Tony Didyoung, who took over in 1981, then Michael Moyer for a few years, followed by Coach Keith Schlegel, who is in his 14th year here at Fleetwood.

The win served as motivation for the team, given the magnitude of the accomplishment.

“It felt great to get the win, I’m honored to be a part of the team that got the historic win,” Senior midfielder Lucas Strange said.

Many of the players felt the same way, and so did the fans.

“We are very happy for the team; all the students love supporting them, and we are proud of them,” senior student Brooke Gorman said.

This sentiment echoes throughout the community as well.

“The community loves it; we have a good reputation. Any time I talk to someone outside the area and tell them I coach at Fleetwood, the first thing they say is ‘Oh, they are really good at soccer there,’” Schlegel said.

The community supports the team and maintains the strong reputation for the team.

Many members of the community were at the game in Hamburg to celebrate, including Coach Ray Buss. The team knows the significance and prestige of this milestone. For many, Fleetwood Soccer is and has been an important part of their lives.

“I played, my sons played, my nephews played, our whole family and really the whole community has a tie to the soccer program here,” Volunteer Coach Ken Fick said.

The team is proud of their accomplishment, but they hope to add to the list of significant wins by the end of the year. Both the team and the community are proud of the team reaching 1000 wins, and they are both looking forward to what the rest of the year brings

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