FAHS Marching Band Celebrates P.T. Barnum

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P.T. Barnum, a classic American icon, founded the Barnum and Bailey Circus. Unfortunately, the circus closed its doors in 2017. A musical film entitled The Greatest Showman was created in honor of the legacy Barnum left behind.

The FAHS band brings back New York City’s best circus through music directed by Mr. Charles Ebersole. He is the band director at Fleetwood and features students who play all sorts of instruments, just like how Barnum showcased people with all sorts of talents.

Before Barnum became an American showman, he had a life in politics. He was a Republican legislator for Fairfield, Connecticut, as well as mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut. He did not enter show business until he was sixty. When he did, he opened the world’s largest circus, and it had three rings. Barnum put on unique shows at his circus. When he died in 1891 of a stroke, he was buried in a grave he designed himself.

Ebersole and his charges will be retelling the life of Barnum through their instruments. At each football game this fall, spectators and players will have a chance to listen to iconic music from the musical, The Greatest Showman.

“The performance was entertaining and very well done,” junior Austin Russell said.

Anyone who wants a chance to listen to these performances should attend the games and stay for the duration of halftime. After the 2018 football season, the band will no longer  perform these songs.

“We did great. This was our best performance yet,” flutist Riley Wentz said.

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