Wilkinson in Charge of SAP Bulletin Board Monthly Themes

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English teacher Mrs. Sarah Wilkinson, secretary of our school’s TAP team, has taken on the role of running our SAP Bulletin Board Monthly Themes. The idea was brought up in one of the TAP team’s weekly meetings, and Wilkinson happily volunteered to take it on. Awareness is something she has become very passionate about.

“It makes me feel good that sometimes kids get help from this program,” Wilkinson said.

September was Suicide Prevention Month.

“This month plays a huge role in starting the conversation on suicide,” Wilkinson said.

The Council on Chemical Abuse, or COCA, provided free posters and a PowerPoint for September’s theme, and they will continue to do so for the rest of the 2018-19 school year.

October is Red Ribbon Month. Ribbons will be handed out to teachers to distribute to their first period students. By wearing this ribbon, students are making a vow to stay drug free.

The rest of the months’ themes are as follows:

  •  November- Great American Smoke Out
  •  December- Opioid and Heroin Awareness & World AIDS Day on Dec. 1st.
  •  January- Heroin and Cocaine Awareness.
  •  February- Marijuana Awareness.
  •  March- Eating Disorder Awareness.
  •  April- Alcohol Awareness.
  •  May- Mental Health Awareness.

Wilkinson is very open about her own experiences with certain issues, specifically mental health. She suffers from OCD and anxiety. 

“It is a disease just like diabetes or cancer… There shouldn’t be a stigma about it,” Wilkinson said.

Along with monthly announcements, posters in the hallway, and the occasional PowerPoint, a TAP locker will be made right outside of Wilkinson’s classroom. Seniors Noah Abraham and Chloe Allison will be helping in the creation of the locker, where students can submit referrals without the pressure of giving it to a teacher first.

“Having this program will be beneficial,” senior Ashtyn Heckart said. “In the past, students haven’t felt very comfortable talking about these issues, so this will be a good thing.”

 “It’s good that she’s doing this. Not many people are aware of this stuff,” fellow senior Jordyn Bennicoff said.

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