Eighteenth Edition of ARTifact Under Construction

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“Artifact is all about finding your own individuality.  Whether it is through music, art, or writing, you have a voice. At Artifact, every voice of every kind is heard,” Senior Ally Savino said.

Artifact is a composition of art, poetry, and music made by the FAHS students. As a literary art magazine, Artifact takes the works of FAHS’s poets and artists and creates an aesthetic annual periodical.   

“[Artifact is] a way that Fleetwood ties our most artistic kids and most literate kids to create a book full of art that isn’t just art in the sense of visuality,” Senior Chloe Allison said.

In the eighteenth edition of Artifact, the focus will be on the individual journey and the paths that are taken along the way. A unique feature in this art and literary magazine is that a CD composed of music that students are featured in will accompany the volume.

Anyone can submit art and poetry to the art room in order to be evaluated and considered. In the spring, this magazine will be released and made available for purchase.

Regardless of literary level, anyone is able to participate. Artifact promotes the works of young artists, writers, and musicians.

The amount of exposure that comes with being in artifact is unparalleled within Fleetwood’s artistic community.

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