Fleetwood Takes Home Annual Hall of Fame Game

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On Friday, 26 October 2018, the Fleetwood Tigers took on the Kutztown Cougars in the annual Hall of Fame Game. The Tigers were dominating the first half, and continued to dominate throughout the whole game.

Fleetwood starting quarterback Kevin Bartosh only played the first half but went 4-9 with a touchdown pass.

“It doesn’t bother me not playing the whole game; we were killing them, and we wanted to give other players some time. I’m just happy we came out with a big win, and now it’s time to look forward to next year,” Bartosh said.

Christian Moreno, a Fleetwood running back, ran the ball eight times for fifty-six yards and two touchdowns; he also caught one for a touchdown.  Max Wehr touched the ball twice, scoring both times. Aiden Kotsch and Ben Leister each had a touchdown for the Tigers as well.

In the second half, Matthew Pierce came up with an interception to stop a Kutztown drive. Fleetwood fumbled the ball but recovered three to continue their possession. One player from each team was  ejected for fighting after Moreno’s touchdown run.

“I guess he got a little upset we scored a touchdown,” senior Jared Wilmer said.

The Tigers finished off their season with a 49-0 shutout win to win the 2018 Hall of Fame Game.

“[We] basically just [destroyed] them,” junior Max Lafranchise said.  “It does feel good to end on a win, but we had a terrible season, we were still 2-8.” 

The team wasn’t happy going 2-8, but they believe how hard they worked is what really matters.

“We gave it everything we had, and I’m proud of this team.  I’ll miss being on the field with my brothers,” senior Jephte Guillaume said.

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