FBLA and Local Business Team Up

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Fleetwood Area High School students Emily Hayes, Amir Siddiqui, and Ann Costello are partnering with CONCERN for their FBLA Community Service project this school year. The students are partnering with CONCERN to raise awareness, money, and additional items for the company.

CONCERN is a foster care, adoption, and counseling center with a building in the town of Fleetwood. The students participating in the project are partnering with the local small businesses as a way to help them out.

“We partnered  with them because they are a local business that we wanted to give back to,” said sophomore group member Amir Siddiqui. FBLA puts a priority on local business and the important relationships students can gain from partnering with them.

The group of Hayes, Siddiqui, and Costello aim to reach their goals in a few different ways. They have held a variety of fundraisers already this year and are planning more throughout the rest of the school year. In addition to fundraisers, the students are planning a trip to CONCERN. They plan to raise awareness for the company with this trip.

A speaker will also be brought in by the group at the FBLA meeting on 8 November. The speaker will better explain CONCERN’s mission and purpose as a company.

The students in the group enjoy FBLA and the opportunity to network and build relationships with local businesses.

“I’m in FBLA because of the opportunities to make connections, meet new people, and get service hours,” Amir Siddiqui said. 

The Community Service project for the school’s FBLA club is an example of how students can make connections with a business through FBLA. Keep a close eye on upcoming fundraisers throughout the year to help the group achieve their goals.

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