Mother Arrested Trying to Conceal Daughter’s Diabetes

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Fourteen-year-old Emily Hampshire of Illinois died a preventable death from diabetic ketoacidosis on 3 November 2018. Her mother, Amber, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and endangering the life of a child after she allegedly failed to treat her daughter’s diabetes.

Hampshire had been diagnosed back in 2013, but her mother, in denial of her condition, refused to provide her with the necessary medication.

Diabetic ketoacidosis occurs when a body produces high levels of blood acid, which poisons a person from the inside and ultimately leads to a diabetic coma and death if untreated.

Hampshire was hospitalized in early November after she was found unresponsive and not breathing in her home. She died two days later.

Her death was entirely preventable, but her mother had not been treating Hampshire’s diabetes at all. She was given the necessary tools but refused to use them. Amber was in complete denial of her daughter’s condition even though it was professionally diagnosed.

Prosecutors said Amber “was fully aware of Emily’s diabetic condition but took measures to conceal Emily’s diabetes and failed to provide Emily with appropriate medical treatment and medication.”

Amber turned herself in on 27 December 2018. She is facing up to twenty-four years in prison. Emily’s father was allegedly unaware of his daughter’s condition.

Emily’s school was made aware of her condition but was told by Amber that the diagnosis was a mistake.

“The investigation indicates very strongly that the defendant took repeated, substantial steps to conceal the disease from everyone around her,” attorney Thomas D. Gibbons said.

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