New NHS Members Inducted

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National Honors Society is a group that people with outstanding grades, community service, and leadership qualities can get join. This February, Fleetwood’s seniors will be inducting the new NHS members.

But, how much school dedication goes into becoming an NHS member?

“You really have to take pride into your school work,” Junior Andrew Slusser said. “[My parents] definitely pushed me to be on top of all my assignments in school.”

“I do feel like I have more opportunities opened up to me because of NHS; it looks good on a college and job application,” Junior Riley Wentz said.  “I feel like my accomplishments have finally been recognized”

“Help out in your community and showing exemplary leadership qualities [are needed to join NHS],” Slusser said.

“Getting  good grades and working in the community are two keys of getting into NHS,” Wentz added.


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