Mother Adopts Daughter’s Killer’s Friend

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Mollie Tibbetts’ mom adopted her daughter’s potential killer’s family friend, Ulises Felix. Her actions boiled down to an option between revenge or humanity. Revenge was letting Felix stay homeless, and humanity was letting him have a family again. Laura Calderwood chose humanity.

Mollie Tibbetts was killed in July of 2018 by Cristhian Rivera. Rivera was an illegal immigrant who had been keeping tabs on Mollie while she jogged. He approached her one day and then killed her by stabbing her in the head and back. After stabbing her, he dumped her body in a cornfield.

Cristhian Rivera was taken care of by Ulises’ family. His family worked with Rivera on a dairy farm called Yarrabee Farms and gave Rivera a place to live . He was a very close family friend who had a daughter with Ulises’ cousin. When Rivera killed Mollie and was everywhere on the news, Ulises’ family, who are also undocumented, fled town. Laura took in Ulises because it was her son’s close friend and he needed a home.

Laura’s mother’s instincts kicked in and she felt compelled to help Ulises. Even though he knew the man who killed Mollie, she felt it was the right thing to do. Laura claims to have thought, What would Mollie do?

“I think Laura adopting Ulises was the right thing to do because his family abandoned him and he would have been left homeless. Even though Ulises was illegal, illegal immigration should end and have stricter enforcement. Hopefully in the end, justice is served and Rivera is found guilty for Mollie Tibbett’s death,” Fleetwood Senior Rebekah Earnest said.

Mollie’s family is very liberal, and they did not like how her murder was a pawn in the immigration debate.

“Mollie would have vehemently opposed anti immigrant views espoused by politicians after her death” Rob Tibbetts, Mollie’s father, said.

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