RANDOM CHEESE: What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done on a dare?

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“My boyfriend Noah, from Hamburg, dared me to eat hot sauce from Domino’s. It was disgusting,” senior Jessica Goggins said.

“I licked a cafeteria table,” senior Lia Bennicoff said.

“Walking on the train tracks,” senior Hannah Kutz said.

“In middle school, a group of our friends would dump random condiments in slushies, and we’d have to drink it,” senior Jadin Ogozalek said.

“I drew on my face with permanent marker and ended up with marker all over my face,” senior Grace Tinman said.

“The time I rode on a flaming dirt bike,” senior Gabriel Gilmer said.

“I licked the table in the faculty room to prove that germs don’t bother me,” English teacher Sarah Wilkinson said.

“I was dared to lick a toilet in middle school,” senior Jordyn Bennicoff said.

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