Safe2SaySomething Arrives in Fleetwood

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Recently, Fleetwood Area High School had an assembly about a new app, Safe2SaySomething. FAHS Guidance counselors Fred Engelhardt, Ann-Marie Neubert, and Amy Moyer hosted the assembly.

The program encourages students to submit an anonymous tip if they suspect someone they know may be planning to harm themselves or others in order to “say something” that might prevent school tragedies.

To submit a tip, one either has to download the mobile app “Safe2Say Something PA”, call their number 1-844-SAF2SAY (723-2729), or submit his or her concern online at

Statistics on their website show that 1,000,000 students reported being harassed, threatened, or bullied. Eighty percent of school shooters told someone of their plans, and 59% told more than one person. Moreover, 70% of people who commit suicide told someone and gave warning signs.

“Of course, I would [endorse S2SS]. I always tell students that this is not something you want hanging over your head. If you are worried about a friend, you need to tell a trusted adult as soon as you can. If something bad were to happen and you didn’t report it, you would have to live with that guilt, and nobody should have to go through that,” English teacher Sarah Wilkinson said.

S2SS claims on its website that it is “the easiest way to let someone know that there is a problem and let them handle it. The best part is, they will never know who it was that submitted it. It’s that simple.”

But the question is, will this program have a positive impact at FAHS?

I feel kids wouldn’t take it seriously and would use it as a joke, or kids won’t use it at all when it’s a resource for our school,” senior Jessica Goggins said.

I hope that students are using it. This is what teenagers know today–technology. This allows them to use what they know to help support their friends (or even themselves) if they are struggling with any type of mental health issue. However, I really think it needs to be promoted more by every teacher to remind students what it is all about,” Wilkinson said.

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